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Sterile instruments are absolutely critical to successful treatment. Find out what makes W&H a leader in decontamination equipment.

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There is no time for compromise during surgical procedures. W&H offers a flexible, high quality range ensuring that you always have the correct surgical device available. 

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Scaling is probably the most important dental procedure carried out in a modern veterinary surgery. Discover the ergonomic W&H Prophy range and feel the difference.

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By offering a wide range of accessories we aim to ensure that we assist you in making your working day as efficient and effective as possible.


As the world’s first manufacturer of dental transmission instruments and devices, W&H has long been known for its high-quality products and social awareness. The family company W&H, based in Burmoos near Salzburg in Austria, is one of the leading providers of dental devices worldwide. Offering innovative products and solutions, a modern corporate structure, a strong focus on research and development, as well as a social responsibility, all combine to make W&H a successful family owned local and global manufacturer in the dental industry. 

At W&H we invest in research and development making sure that we are always at the forefront, developing precision tools and devices for dental and veterinary use. From the first mechanical dental handpieces in Europe launched in 1890 to the first sterilisable 5x Ring LED turbine worldwide launched in 2015, W&H have consistently produced innovations designed to assist and improve treatment techniques and working efficiency. We are proud to have launched a long list of firsts, including the first automatic handpiece combined cleaning and maintenance unit as well as the the first B class steriliser to aid in the perfect reprocessing of instruments. W&H have won a number of coveted awards for our innovative products including those within the surgical and decontamination ranges. 

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